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IPhone 8 First Look – Iphone 8 Plus Price – Specifications – Iphone Wireless Charger- Release Date

14 responses to “IPhone 8 First Look – Iphone 8 Plus Price – Specifications – Iphone Wireless Charger- Release Date”

  1. Adriel Omar Díaz says:

    So is it black matte ? Anyone ??

  2. Diego Garcia says:

    Too much ads, man.

  3. raging 1230 says:

    I wished apple and samsung would work together,maybe then it will be the perfect phone

  4. claudette decilla says:

    still no headphone jack wtf ? enjoy dropping your glass phone worked out great for samsung

  5. Hulk Smash says:

    Fuck iPhone and retarded Genius Bar. First you spend over 1000 dollars to be told your not under warranty. Losers. Stick your phone up your arse. And this guy can ever present his iPhone with any joy or enthusiasm. The face you make when your summer holidays come to the end lol

  6. filip says:

    Fandroids more toxic than botulinum toxin aka botox.

  7. T4 Tull says:

    Waiting on the iPhone XPLUS!!

  8. Nicholas Rogers says:

    where the fuck Steve Jobs at?

  9. TKampfkeks says:

    Frechheit mit der ganzen Werbung. Hast es wohl nötig !!

  10. Boomerette says:

    I’ll probably update from my 6S to an 8 or 8+, since I need the improved battery life, and I like the added photo features on the + line. I have small hands, but I don’t mind the large size since I use two hands anyway and carry a purse. My husband has a 6, needs to change carriers anyway (and Sprint has lousy signal & a stupid proprietary interface overlay), hates the battery life and the need to use a heavily protective case (which both makes the phone howl and requires him to put it on speaker in noisy restaurants). He has big hands & fingers, so the 8+ would work better for him—but is it too wide for a shirt or inside jacket pocket? He doesn’t mind it poking out the top, and never puts it in a pants pocket. (The X is not an option—he’s not a "power user" and learning new gestures would drive him nuts). We’re both boomers, but I’m comfier with tech than he is. Android is not an option for either of us. I’ve been there, and didn’t like that the OS was manufacturer-dependent and not all Android phones would run the same OS. It also froze up on both Samsung and HTC phones. Any men here carry 6+ or 7+ in a shirt pocket?

  11. عبدالله moood says:

    يازين جالكسي نوت

  12. Ravinder Yadav says:

    These people really think common people are stupid… and the fact is we are… people will still line up in front of apple stores…I mean when did apple started doing just copy and paste…

    I understand apple X is something fresh( just for apple user ).. but still introducing 8 and 8 + is stupid

  13. Amir Khosro says:

    Apple is going to be the second Nokia….
    There would come a time that no body would know apple…

  14. John Cameron says:

    My iPhone 5 still works fine. I just hope Apple keeps supporting it, but if they don't I will buy a less expensive android device.

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