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In loving Memory Of Kriscinda Claire Cagey Martinez

2 responses to “In loving Memory Of Kriscinda Claire Cagey Martinez”

  1. Michelle InHemet says:

    so sorry about your loss. how did she pass away? what happened?

  2. Lorraine Torres says:

    Polar bear I love you so much, I can't process this at all. I'm torn over all of it. You are the best person in my life, and you have been there for me. I couldn't see you because when I heard I fell sick and was in hospital. I didn't want to see my beautiful friend that way, I wanted the memory of how I seen you last in Pala at the gas station. I cry everyday for you and my heart is broken. I miss you, everyday I wanna scream your name, KRISCINDA! Polar bear… my polar bear……love Lorraine Torres

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