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Iggy Azalea – Switch (Live From iHeartRADIO MMVAs / 2017)

Iggy Azalea – Switch (Live From iHeartRADIO MMVAs / 2017)

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12 responses to “Iggy Azalea – Switch (Live From iHeartRADIO MMVAs / 2017)”

  1. Meu conto de nada fadas says:

    Voz da rainha ANITTA

  2. D. Sanfini says:

    Quero a Anitta!!!!

  3. en vans says:

    I legit tot the background voice was taylor swift

  4. Heyder says:

    What happened with the Official Music Video

  5. Rafael Aparicio says:

    Kero Anira

  6. Thellys Vieira says:

    You hear screams through the whole thing, but the crowed is petrified with their cellphones in hand. Is that a resource so that we think they are excited? The song is good tho.

  7. Zeyaul Haque says:

    Queen of rap

  8. Petterson Dias says:

    Too bad the original music never got released, Iggy is such a scumbag.

  9. Ângelo Linhares says:

    Pelo menos ela não cortou a parte da Anitta que outros fazem

  10. en vans says:


  11. Hudaify says:

    sound is not bad but why's not hit on chart?

  12. Evan's Macedo says:

    Clipe de Switch Please ❤❤

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