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When written in Chinese the word

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I shouldn’t admit this.

12 responses to “I shouldn’t admit this.”

  1. Tayla Hansen says:

    Why don't you like bachen

  2. Allison animates says:

    Same with almost all of those

  3. Kendra Mann says:

    oh wow!

  4. Fun With Tiaana and callie says:

    Pause at 2:08

  5. Jacinta Ernst says:

    уσυ ∂σи'т ωєαя ραитѕ ιи ѕσмє σf уσυя мαяαи∂α ѕιиgѕ νι∂єσѕ!?

  6. Emmanè.styles says:

    You don't always wash your hands after you pee? Girl wyd

  7. WIZ RICKYP says:

    Sometimes I sleep naked and my cat woke me up by licking my butt hole Colleen that cat lucky I would be an honor for me to lick that butt hole

  8. Vida Romo says:

    colleen self cannibal.

  9. Sebastian Cedeno says:

    Hair – something that covers your body
    *C*hair – something you sit on

  10. Suicidal Bleach says:

    Sometimes I don't wash meh hands either

  11. PinkGemz says:

    I really have bad dandruff, i have a unibrow, i love harry potter, sometimes i pluck my unibrow with my hand, i dont use body wash i just ket my shampoo go all over my body, i love colleen, im so fat but i hide it on public, my hair turns really curly when i bun them.

  12. PinkGemz says:

    0:25 well that kills my inner soul…. ;(

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