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I Am Not Ashamed Of My Daughter – EBONY’S Father

18 responses to “I Am Not Ashamed Of My Daughter – EBONY’S Father”

  1. Lobster Rules says:

    Asem ooo

  2. Awudu Mohammed says:

    I think dere is sam tin betwn de father n daughter

  3. Roda Yeboaa says:

    She's a lovely lady

  4. Abigail Mensah says:

    this father knows what he get out of her daughter's attitude…… yoooo f -ol

  5. Blessing Yaa says:

    i really love hear Ebony keep up

  6. Matilda Amponsah says:

    good father

  7. Randy Agyei says:

    3y3 s3 3gya 3biara b3 taa ne ba 3kyi,na mmo 3no nso nkyer3 s3 s3 akoraa no 3rey3 ne3ma 3ny3 a 3ma y3nka 3no de3 y3b3 ka paa.Ghana mbaa de3 wei wo b3 hunu no na )no nso ak) b) adagya, mmo de3 3nso mmo y3 gyimee naa.

  8. Hawa Faruk says:


  9. Dora Anane says:

    Why some pple er insulting her nd father, u hv see more than this so let the be nd enjoy her life

  10. Phyllis Ntim Group says:

    I'm surprised that she is 20 years old. It's a shame that she is exposing her body like that to the world.

  11. Dennis Nana Kwasi Ampofo says:

    Good father.. Ghanaians like white people that we the Ghanaians

  12. Frank Konafu says:

    Dis fada x soo stupid man paaaaa

  13. Frank Konafu says:

    Yyy either musician dey are nt doing dis nonsense

  14. Frank Konafu says:

    Prostitute way

  15. Adiepena Luv says:

    yoo keep blessing her wai

  16. Ansah Enoch says:

    she should go on, ONE DAY…..

  17. Csc Shop says:

    Now she is on top, you are out. When where you in the beginning? Asonaba Kwabrafoso Obuasi

  18. Papa Vellai says:

    You bless your daughter with "tutu" life style

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