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How Tugboat Works

15 responses to “How Tugboat Works”

  1. Vermont Bouldering says:

    tug boats are dope af

  2. VENUS HALO says:

    Try 7200 HP TUG

  3. Tube Youber says:

    When no ones watching …I love to tugboat

  4. Warren Moses says:

    please do something for pilot boats

  5. Dolly Diaz says:

    but that engine went and be no good if you didn't have the frame of the boat

  6. RIZWAN TARIQ says:


  7. Fred Bailey says:

    great video

  8. Dirty Needlez says:

    Fascinating….i always wondered how they kick ass like that!

  9. landon S says:

    Hanjin… LOL

  10. John Schulz says:

    Excellent presentation. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Seekoffshore says:


  12. bobfromsaskatoon says:

    Very interesting. Would be much better without the hip hop camera work.

  13. Shani Andras says:

    it's so cool, i ike this

  14. Dodge Wrench says:

    Couldn't a tugboat's job be done by the bow thrusters

  15. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography says:

    Tugs are the kings of the port it is their job to bring the ships in and attach them to their docks. Without a tub leading the way and a pilot boat no ship comes in the harbor because the tug is the only way to bring them in.

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