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How To Put In A French Drain – GardenFork

14 responses to “How To Put In A French Drain – GardenFork”

  1. rlagh87 says:

    Excellent demonstration…thanks.

  2. Arslan N says:

    A few questions. I need to install this type of drain along the side of my house. How, of should I, connect my gutter drain to the curtain drain? The issue is that the water goes into the foundation from the side of the house and the two gutter drains that I have on that side also don't help keep the water away. I would have to drain them through the curtain drain. Should I attack a pipe to the vertical gutter drains? Also, I've seen people use a 'catch box'. What is the benefit of that?

  3. Sweet T says:

    Awesome video. I love the dogs too. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. big stacks says:

    Thats limestone not gravel it is more expensive then gravel.2b gravel is best for drainage ditches

  5. GT3X says:

    Do you have to Use gravel on top? Why not just dirt?

  6. Jeff McKenzie says:

    Love the dogs !!

  7. The Weekend Homestead says:

    what did you end up putting on the end where the pipe comes to daylight

  8. lawrence porter says:

    Great video. I have railroad tracks behind my new house on top of a steep hill, may have to do a very expensive retainer wall and put french drain on side of wall. I really didnt understand facing holes down before, I though the idea was to trap water in a U shaped trench surrounded by pastic and force water to the end. Wont the landscape fabric just allow the water to seep into the ground ?

  9. Corinne Vickey says:

    Hi. Given that I'm dealing with a similar landscape scenario, I'm exploring this method. You did a nice job explaining. Thank You!

  10. Luis B says:

    Great video! Thanks!

  11. silent witness says:

    Very cool and informative video, i subbed! 🙂

  12. Patrick Jewell says:

    Fun video and I learned something, thanks!

  13. Dan hasalastname says:

    At my house the water doesn't run down a slope into our basement it seeps through the ground during prolonged rain storms. My basement is about 6' below ground level. Do I need to dig deeper than 6' for a french drain?

  14. eaglei22 says:

    i live in a cookie cutter neighborhood.. I boxed out my utility boxes when i put up a fence.. the land slopes to tgis corner, but all concaves to the middle first where i get muddy dirt for a while. i was thinking of putting a french drain along the this center area leading out to the area by the utility boxes. is this correct? or should i cap off both ends and leave it all under ground, else by the utility boxes csn i put s rock bed and have the pipe open under the fence there? i have never done this so i dont want too much water running to the neighbors. i figured if i put a few inches of rock bed and the pipe lead out under the rocks it would be alright.

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