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How to make an Oval

13 responses to “How to make an Oval”

  1. Ashton Staggs says:

    Thank you! Just used this technique to help with cutting an oval from a piece of fabric to use for my daughter's Halloween costume!! You saved me from having to hear her complain about a lopsided oval!

  2. Murad Həmidli says:

    Thank you

  3. HA STN says:

    This was awesome! If you can't laugh at yourself you may as well be dead! Also, sometimes simplicity is all you need! I subbed because of the general goofiness as well as the aesthetic (or lack thereof)!

  4. Nivash cash says:

    Thank u mad man

  5. james lynde says:

    The ends of the oval worked out OK but you went outside of
    the marks you made for the width of the oval. What gives. ?

  6. D Welsh says:

    How have I not seen this guy in a cringe compilation yet?

  7. Shain Andrews says:

    WTF internets.

  8. Dave Sapien says:

    this is the silliest video ever

  9. Robert Kurcz says:


  10. N Johnson says:

    Oh my lordy. Aggressively annoying.

  11. J. Peluso says:

    Worked for me.

  12. Aaron Walls says:

    i subscribed for the dancing

  13. RESIW WON says:


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