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How To Grow A Cactus Plant

10 responses to “How To Grow A Cactus Plant”

  1. d c says:

    Cheer's for the baby cactus Philly!!! 🙂
    Watch this little bundle of joy go!
    You are and always will be a Fucking Gentleman!

  2. Cameron C says:

    How do you know everything about plants

  3. Maria dolores says:

    Hi mike

  4. Jorge Garcia says:

    Menuda puta mierda de expertos en cactus

  5. Brenda Sullivan says:

    why didn't you spray the whole plant?

  6. lagunasR says:

    how often do u hv to water it?

  7. Mds01 The Gamer says:

    My dad got a cactus so I'm 13 years old and Im watching this video so my cactus can grow taller so it look like a cactus in the desert

  8. valsa abraham says:

    what is that white balls in mug and root area ?

  9. Aiko Senoo says:

    i have a question what length do cacti in walmart grow up to?

  10. Allys Tejero says:

    My friend gave me 5feet cactus like you have here in first one. Can I cut it short? It can not hurt the plant? Pls reply

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