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How To Fix Uneven Hips | Lateral Pelvic Tilt OR Leg Length Discrepancy?

12 responses to “How To Fix Uneven Hips | Lateral Pelvic Tilt OR Leg Length Discrepancy?”

  1. Ana Marticorena says:

    When can I start to do those exercises after a total hip replacement.
    I had my other THR a couple of weeks ago.
    Thank you!

  2. rahima sahala says:

    Wat about glute medius weaknss on one side wudnt dat cause a pelvic discrepancyy ? can u mak ea vidoe on that plsss

  3. Leslie Bardales says:

    So I've been thinking I had an issue with my hip being dropped on the left. Is it more likely what you are saying and its actually higher on the right? The left side is lower and my back hurts the most there. I even pulled 2 ribs across each other on my back on the left and I figured it was from my hip pulling everything down.

  4. Dale A says:

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  5. noob Tube says:

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  6. Aviana Penny says:

    I'm pretty sure my left hip is the one hiked up bc I can see the lump of muscle and tissue above my hip bone but when doing these stretches as directed, I don't really feel a stretch..I tried it on my right side for contrast and that's actually where I feel the tension..

  7. Lakeisha Williams says:

    Dude your awesome thanks so much"this was so helpful godbless.

  8. Cass A says:

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  9. Connie E says:

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  10. Schroeder Luck says:

    My left hip is hiked up but my left leg also is longer it seems. I think this is functional due to track running (always turning in the same direction) and side sleeping, but you're saying that the hiked hip is the short leg? Is this because of anterior pelvic tilt on the left side as well?

  11. nutica102 says:

    thank u so fucking much !!!!!!

  12. sosickhcdrums says:

    @GuerillaZen Fitness – I'm noticing a lowered shoulder on the right side, my back feels compressed towards my right hip on my right side, I've had a hip flexor strain on my left side (years ago) but my chiropractor said my left hip is higher than my right. I'm confused and frustrated after seeing him for weeks and icing my lower back(on the right)/paying for extra visits. These stretches absolutely help my back and make me feel better when I do them towards my left side (which the chiropractor says is the high hip). I'm a little confused and think my right hip may be high. Any insight?

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