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How should the Lakers and NBA handle LaVar Ball? | The Jump | ESPN

15 responses to “How should the Lakers and NBA handle LaVar Ball? | The Jump | ESPN”

  1. Jeff van wieren says:

    The media should handle LaVar by not showing the dumbass. He's not part of the Lakers.

  2. C. Diddy says:

    If u don't want ur show cancelled, ya gotta cover more lavar ball. It happened

  3. shonda lucas says:

    Lavar is a fire starter this is to hype the Lakers bench. Can't ya'll see that!

  4. DeMar DeGOATzan says:

    that bald guy gives out a sense of gayness

  5. Junior82 Love says:

    The balls are the Kardashian’s of basketball.

  6. Ari Stefansson says:

    Stop talking about lavar Ball!

  7. Jon Brodes says:

    i will say it again lavar can say and do as he wants. just unfair for Kuz n bi to have to answer for the team when the former is 23 and the latter is 20. just saying!

  8. Feitan says:

    this segment just got like twice the views all the other The Jump segments got lmao

  9. Guthrie Sturmey says:

    Rachel Nichols may be the very best at what she does.

  10. 1000Kbaby says:

    They can't legally do nothing Lonzo has not said anything out of order and he has no control over his father they could literally make Lonzo the new owner of the team and threatening to trade him could actually play as a big mistake not legally but from a fan perspective and could also put a bad image on the NBA as well they gotta stop trying to turn that man's kids against him Lavar already said that won't work and honestly who cares if u trade him he will still be in the league his father will buy a house where ever they send him

  11. Combat Cook says:

    I love Google and ESPN Lavar Ball is the greatest of all time!

  12. Clem Cornpone says:

    Trade him. He's a horrible shooter. Let him go to some backwater where, if he has a game, he can develop it out of the spotlight. Magic et al empowered that asshole of a dad by absurdly raising pressure and expectations for that shitty shooting son.

  13. Combat Cook says:


  14. American Made says:

    Lonzo is a bust, who cares.

  15. Luke MF-Knocks says:

    If you guys want a nice fap session check out Bunni Buns the cam girl….GAWD!!! She resembles Brandon Ingram

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