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Hollywood Undead – The Loss [Lyrics Video]

9 responses to “Hollywood Undead – The Loss [Lyrics Video]”

  1. DlxPhantom says:

    I'm gonna have that written on my tombstone "sick with myself, but
    I've got no one else"

  2. trippedoutgamer says:

    where would I be without Hollywood undead? that's a grim thought I want to avoid.

  3. Andrew Humphreys says:

    "This is made on non-profital basis and should stay that way.".. Monetization on..

  4. Emo Desu Axe says:

    Undead til' after i die too bro xd

  5. XxGrimWinterxX says:

    RIP Even ❤

  6. Ian Harrison says:

    This song and pain are both not on spotify, why

  7. K Kazami says:

    oh there actually is a heart beating

  8. MtnDrew525 says:

    I hope you're okay. You can make it through this.

  9. Yub Nub says:

    still gives me goosebumps every time

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