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Hearthstone: One-Punch woman

15 responses to “Hearthstone: One-Punch woman”

  1. Daniel WU says:

    Kolento is a god because he knows when the trap is explosive trap

  2. Nigga Kawakami says:

    #Buenakolentounbesoentuano I see Valeera, i smash like

  3. voice of reason says:

    Is there a way to cut the patches in a reasonable way?
    Or lets say a version with less pirates?
    5 slots maybe for shadow steps and secrets?

  4. Valtteri Vettenranta says:

    I see smorc, I like

  5. Péter Nagy says:

    All i want is the GODlento from savjz…

  6. Batu Kurtul says:

    Nice man nice player,good job

  7. heartbreakmanNo1 says:

    Show respect NIGGAS :T

  8. Kvatch59 says:


  9. John Thems says:

    Clickbait title, expected a 30-damage OTK.

  10. Yasser ALG says:

    Title was catchy. Distracted me from calling my wife lol

  11. tri tton says:


  12. 吳小鋐 says:


  13. Miguel Angel De La Cruz says:

    I feel so dirty after watch this

  14. Антон Некрасов says:

    so you need to ooze it in order to win a game right? so opponent must have ANOTHER shiny finders to keep up or else topdeck NOT a kingsbane.

  15. ノリスケ says:


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