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Happy Tree Friends – Nutty Blood Fest

17 responses to “Happy Tree Friends – Nutty Blood Fest”

  1. SuperhappymimE says:


  2. Jesus Gracias Castro says:

    Solo el queria un dulce as un capitulo un final feliz a todo los personajes

  3. Isiah Perez says:

    0:16 nutty kills himself and the Bear gets hem

  4. Fumettista Anarchico says:

    Mmmmm…very delicious

  5. Tuberculosis 111 says:

    in the thumbnail
    Nutty: BOI

  6. Trollivania says:

    why doesnt nutty have diabettes??

  7. Tuberculosis 111 says:

    I don't understand the death at 0:56

  8. Adventure Girl says:

    Gory this show is full of it

  9. Adventure Girl says:

    Gory this show is full of it

  10. Harmony Wood says:

    i was going through youtube and found this. wtf…

  11. دلوعه حبيبي ايمو و says:

    هذا الفيديو وحشي جدن

  12. Oscar Zaragoza says:

    Mondomedia flippy blo fests

  13. لا تهايط علي says:


  14. Серёжа Петянин says:

    Я в шоке

  15. Alexander Shemakin says:


  16. Shannon Thomas says:


  17. Shiney Smile says:

    hello guys, this is my squirrel son, Nutty. Please appreciate him and don't laugh when he dies, thank you                                        This was a message from a Nutty fan, thanks for watching.

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