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Grow Tomatoes NOT Foliage!

12 responses to “Grow Tomatoes NOT Foliage!”

  1. A45aaaMoo1 says:

    GREAT VIDEO Thanks for posting. I will try this method 🙂

  2. Wing says:

    You have no idea wtf you are talking about

  3. Z Wheaton says:

    Wow… so many tomatoes

  4. LongBinh70 says:

    Following the tips until the last one about the birds. I couldn't read any text because it was covered by two suggested video links.

  5. paul dow says:

    is this the tomato music you usually listen to ?
    you must know of something pleasant suitable for enjoying soft beautiful tomato's !
    good grow hints.

  6. Salt Life says:

    stopped watching in 10 seconds because of the music.

  7. Azycray says:

    At 2:20 you have text that can't be read because two links for other video's are covering them. I would have liked to know what it said.

  8. Albion Watts says:

    Well that was a waste of time…. The music sucks as well…

  9. Ti Ha says:

    Would have been a good video except you screwed it all up with the god awful music …. FAIL!

  10. seadooman o says:

    the leaves make the fruit sweeter with sunshine,

  11. Gabriel S. says:

    You still need foliage to shade the fruits, especially here in inland southern Californian, otherwise they'll burn in the scorching sun.

  12. Kimberly Craig says:

    get to the point please…

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