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GATE – How to deal with dragons

12 responses to “GATE – How to deal with dragons”

  1. Nitsukai Contigo says:

    think that bot has a kitchen knife and you have grenade launcher, katana and m60 machine gun.
    thats how dope they are.

  2. vexonica 02 says:

    how to kill dragon, American style …!

  3. MrWolfy XD says:

    Tohru will be mad

  4. shuttze says:

    imagine showing them a nuke

  5. natsu doragoniru says:

    1:08 how is Itami able to hold Rory along with her axe. I thought humans are too weak to hold it. Itami must be a God too. LOL

  6. : EliteGhostKillz : says:

    Itami is fucking hench he holding Rory and her fucking oversized Heavy as balls axe and running full speed no problem. (we know it's heavy as a guy grabbed it an tried running and collapsed and another broke his back picking it up)

  7. Abraham Benedict says:

    Poor dragons.

  8. CPU Purple Heart/Neptune says:

    The smell of this much freedom so early in the morning gets me hard as fuck

  9. Daniel Conti says:

    When it's the end of a raid but you have so much stuff stacked up from pure laziness so you decide to use it on a special enemy cause ur too lazy to fight him fairly

  10. TheVocalTune says:

    Now I want to see them destroy an Adult Dragon or even an Elder Dragon.

  11. Logan Hovis says:

    "When in doubt, Heavy Artillery."

  12. tosee upload says:

    scenes like this make me so satisfied. Modern world vs Middle age

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