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G.NA – Black & White

16 responses to “G.NA – Black & White”

  1. Parks Mint says:

    My childhood

  2. nafh mm says:

    Damn it i still miss gna

  3. Simon Macasero says:

    It's November 19, 2017 and this is still my fave song of G.NA ❤️

  4. Thanh Peculiar says:


  5. 정다운 says:

    5000만원이면 하룻밤을 같이해준다니..

  6. 치망 says:

    아따 쭉쭉빵빵하다

  7. Ikmal Aliff says:


  8. 김석가모니 says:

    어릴때이노래 제목이 너와나인줄알았는데….갸꿀

  9. Mihongto says:

    너와 나~ 배깽와이

  10. Srkashjodi1 says:

    Jinwoon is sooo cute…love this MV and the song

  11. Fa Fa says:

    13,808,839 ♡

  12. Daniel Fernando says:

    Gosh! 2011 was a really great K-pop era, and I really miss how sing this kind of music, and I'll back off so you can live better 🙁

  13. Aira Andrea says:

    Broo I swear I come back to gnas songs everytime. All her songs are just so good

  14. charity leao says:

    He was in the kpop group 2am

  15. bgk422 says:

    이때 존나 인기 많았지

  16. 신현진 says:


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