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  1. nicolelylewis says:

    Scarlett and Evie's hair looks so long!! Even after the little trim!

  2. MadsD 83 says:

    Love the Durls playing with their babies. Glad you had fun with your vlogger besties and the Revellis! Please, please, please tell the Revellis to start and vlog channel! Love you guys so much!!

  3. Sammie Westover says:

    I love you guys. I'm like you, Ashley, and I don't like the winter unless it's around Christmas. It's been like 60 degrees and it doesn't even feel like December.

  4. yeeveezgirl says:

    That's 'Mama Duck said quack quack quack" and only 3 little ducks came baaaack!!! Good singing girlies!

  5. Melissa Alexander says:

    Looking good Tyson. I tell my husband, it’s ok to be a little hairy in the winter. Just a little hairy lol

  6. Shira Zidele says:

    Scarlett and Evie at 2:45 is adorable

  7. Janine Bell says:

    Was just watching the one on the 29th Nov, just a thought you can get furniture felt on the bottom of their table and chairs so they can't move them so easily and would stop them moving the table.

  8. debra bolton says:

    Glad that you all had a great date night. Looked like lots of fun.

  9. Janet Smith says:

    The roof restaurant looks amazing. Putting that on my list for 2019 trip.

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