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Episode 1 – Force Grey: Lost City of Omu

17 responses to “Episode 1 – Force Grey: Lost City of Omu”

  1. PULSe THIRTeeN says:

    And please save Jim Darkmagic.

  2. squattingheads says:

    No fan of the low table setup

  3. Leisure says:

    This is so nostalgic.

  4. Leisure says:

    That ending with Hitch and the dragon in the first adventure brought tears to my eyes. The most epic thing I have ever seen.

  5. Jonathan Beaudry Lottinville says:

    what happen to the monk?

  6. Sug4rmilk says:

    Love the series already. #MercerforPresident

  7. Olivia Erhardt says:


  8. Papi F says:

    Didn't Know Hit was such a nerd.

  9. dack janiels says:

    I haven't seen Dylan Sprouse in anything since I was a kid! When did he grow that glorious mane?

  10. Benno Ramsauer says:

    a female barbarian that can destroy anyone arm wrestling and wields a two handed sword right. I guess in a world with bi pedal intelligent lizard people and crazy magic – women with upper body strength that can not only open jars by themselves but compete with men – are a thing. I*ll have to try and suspend my disbelief as they sa.

  11. Trollocs says:

    this is the most beautiful D&D game ever, and Brian!

  12. muraku 100 says:

    Holy crap just got back from watching the punisher man she is everywhere

  13. Retog says:

    You should put the livestreams on a different channel and put Matt Mercer in the thumbnail of these videos because I almost missed it. This would get so many more views if you did this.

  14. Tom Barker Carley says:

    I had gotten so used to bearded Matt, seeing him shaven shook me for a sec there

  15. Carolyne Coleman says:

    Okay Manginello, let the other players intro themselves.

  16. MrKevBurns says:

    Stupid, Stupid Joe!!! 😀

  17. Sam E says:

    “Thigh crushing” every man’s head tilts back in comical remembrance on how much we all ultimately long for death by snoo-snoo

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