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Elfin- Australian made sportscars

15 responses to “Elfin- Australian made sportscars”

  1. MrSelector1 says:

    would elfin build me one of these hot cars with an F6 Typhoon motor instead ?

  2. Seany0391 says:

    If I win the Elfin through ice break im going to sell it and buy a sports car and a few sports bikes especially the Ducati 1199 Panigale because that bike is red, Italian and has the best engine out of all of the motorbikes out there today (expect V4 engine of course)

  3. 3eeeDee says:

    Respond to this video… BTW soz, i meant to press the 'Vote Up' button, well I guess I'll just comment it: "VOTE UP" there u go 🙂

  4. 3eeeDee says:

    @davidjtravers Man ur ryt, they shud not b worth $80k, try 90k because of Australia's dollar now higher than the USD

  5. 3eeeDee says:

    @teamtoken Yea, they will b prepared actually, with their brand new HSV monaro!!!

  6. 3eeeDee says:

    @thomasrdotorg Too tru m8 🙂

  7. 3eeeDee says:

    @thecuriousdude Geez, brah, u r living in the past!!!

  8. Mechknight73 says:

    @davidjtravers Because this isn't a cheaply made kit car. If you put one up against most American muscle cars, they'd be a long way behind. These are literally like dropping a V8 into a Lotus; motorcycle type power to weight ratio, razor sharp steering, and "pin back your face" kind of acceleration. Elfin have been quietly doing this for years, and only in recent times have they become more mainstream.

  9. blackspiral69 says:

    looks like a cateram……..with less talent

  10. thetwentysixth hour says:

    As an Aussie I'm not sure davidjtravers but I think it might be something like the old, 'I can pick on my own brother but if anyone else does, watch out!'…perhaps?

  11. David J. Travers says:

    I don't think I deserved that, for a simple pricing of a car. A year later. Wow. I forgot all about this. Sorry for offending you. Why are australians so bitchy about Australian cars with American engines anyway? We think they're great, but FUCK you all get real antsy about it. A year later. Wow. Get a life. And what is a tosser?

  12. zman6033 says:

    even though this is a little late its hard argueing with fanboys

  13. David J. Travers says:

    Great car, but not worth $80,000 USD! Maybe $20,000…

  14. Renaissance Man says:

    lol at some of the comments in this thread

    the ford V8's arent even worth mentioning

    wait until they bring out the new ford F6 typhoon. HSV wont know what the hell hit them

  15. Tom Reynolds says:

    I give up. I can't argue with your passion.
    As a journalist, I love to see people with passion. But I only discuss the rights and wrongs of a car with brand- dispassionate people. Enjoy your Ford, it sounds great. Look out for my review on youtube next year.

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