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Elephant With Tooth Pain Has It Removed

11 responses to “Elephant With Tooth Pain Has It Removed”

  1. chill spirit says:

    "and i've got the tooth right here" idk why that was so funny to me

  2. Neil T says:

    It's crazy, I've never really thought of animals having teeth pain. I bet that really hurts when you eat thousands of pounds a week. Thank God they noticed the problem and had it fixed. Tooth pain is the worse pain period.

  3. Guinea pig Vlogs says:

    He used a couple of normal drill bits like omg when I get filling with 1/2 mm drill it feels like I'm getting shot with a gun

  4. Gabriel Gomez says:

    good job sir

  5. Zeal warrior Gaming says:

    The drill made me cringe, I hate the noise

  6. Dave Elevera says:

    FUCK thats one huge tooth

  7. Wild Goat #sad goat says:

    thats a huge tooth

  8. Diego Aguilera says:

    Great job

  9. Doagae Porbeni says:

    Elephants are so darn smart. They have no problem telling humans that they are in pain.

  10. marvioxious1989 says:

    tooth fairies having a party…wweeee

  11. Julia Antonina Maanaima says:

    And here I was thinking elephants don't have teeth. How dumb of me!

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