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Electric Fan Guard Snake Trap To Catch Huge Snake By A Smart Girl

14 responses to “Electric Fan Guard Snake Trap To Catch Huge Snake By A Smart Girl”

  1. Big Ol Internet Troll says:

    Lol did the girl make the title herself

  2. greenlight Jay says:

    She cooked that snake afterward

  3. Francisco Thronton says:

    i love that life. 🙂

  4. BasicallyCxssie says:

    I like how they dont speak the whole video. Bitch, if I got that mf I would be screaming hallelujah

  5. Boro Nut says:

    I'd be very worried about her chastity belt.

  6. Conrad Trey says:

    "Smart Girl" Did she just compliment herself?

  7. EarleTKG Reacts says:

    And that's how you get sushi

  8. Pankaj Dubey says:

    good tetiue

  9. John Smith says:

    Dinner time them some tasty fan snakes

  10. Jim Hinwood says:

    Who walks around in snake country with flip flops on?

  11. Nadia Samsung says:

    What de fak

  12. apna punjab panjabi says:

    I like to see snake getting in this Chinese hole

  13. hahagotcha!!!! says:

    ….for when you absolutely MUST eat everything that moves. snake populations are sharply declining in this part of the world because of this "gotta eat em' all" mentality.

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