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Dying Light – Volatile Massacre

16 responses to “Dying Light – Volatile Massacre”

  1. SpeedySkull935 says:

    I find exploding arrows to be very effective

  2. ItzChoopz 1 says:

    do kickaura XD

  3. Dane G says:

    Game exploits: a zombie's one true weakness

  4. Dylan Claus says:

    how do you get the grapple hook?

  5. MrDemononly says:

    I really need a good weapon…..M agility level 9. Can i find a katana or something. Not that, i jst need a weapon which can kill the dead in one go or you can suggest me….

  6. Sonny Keane says:

    Just sayin I was playing this game and a volitile fell and the noise it made sent shivers down my spine

  7. Orange[F-O] HPMN says:

    its my money and I need it now

  8. s4ul_undersc0re says:

    did they all just fall to their deaths when they were knocked down?

  9. Shaiakh Amjad says:

    I didn't know the can-can could be utilised as such a powerful offensive maneuver.

  10. Edward Papaian says:

    Kick op!

  11. Rezz 89 says:

    hahaha used to play in exact same spot !

  12. gamer team says:


  13. Lane Phipps says:

    Volatiles: can take a crapload of damage, but can't survive a fall that Kyle Crane takes minimal damage from.

  14. Crocodile 184 says:

    The volatile is probably my favorite kind of infected in the game, just because they are so creepy. when i first encountered them, the adrenaline rush lasted for 5 minutes afterward.

  15. Crocodile 184 says:

    At 3:14 he just kicks the viral like "FREAKING GET OF MY PLATFORM!"

  16. fire fly says:

    that's so funny

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