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Dying Light-Talking Volatile Nest-Dafuq Did I Just Witness

14 responses to “Dying Light-Talking Volatile Nest-Dafuq Did I Just Witness”

  1. Glitch Man says:

    Maybe when a volatile attacks you and you die he don't kill you he just take you to a nest

  2. zerocool gonna hack u says:

    Thi shit fucked me up man.

  3. YA KHAN says:


  4. YA KHAN says:

    You copy me lol

  5. YA KHAN says:

    You mother fucker dike sucker lol

  6. YA KHAN says:

    Lol you mother fucker copy cat

  7. YA KHAN says:

    Bru he is a copy cat he copy my skin bro

  8. Claimed says:

    T-bagging like a badass

  9. Ralph Tobias says:

    you caught him masturbating

  10. sassy the sasquach says:

    Thats sabit, he was turned, recently 2

  11. Jakbo Gaming says:

    Is this dying light or dying light:The following?

  12. JON C says:

    I wanted to hear more of the dialog.

  13. Dirceu M says:

    Wanted to play this game really bad, but after this video, FUCK THIS I am out of here

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