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Deserted (Halo 3 Machinima) Episode 1: Look What I Found

19 responses to “Deserted (Halo 3 Machinima) Episode 1: Look What I Found”

  1. XBobba TV says:

    Same I watch when it was first release

  2. XxWales15xX says:

    2017 anyone?

  3. XxWales15xX says:

    Old but gold!

  4. TristanThePest says:

    Havent watched this since I was 8. I am so glad these are still up

  5. Chiperprune87 says:

    que tiempos cuando las machinimas eran lo mejor

  6. Ragnar Death hand says:

    I remember watching this forever ago!

  7. Dio Brando says:

    I remember watching this a long time ago 🙂 thanks for the memories

  8. Storm Entertainment says:

    Glad to find this again!

  9. Abigail Robinson says:

    This was my shit back in the day. And, I was six 🙂

  10. Storm Bringer777 says:

    One of the legendary classic halo 3 machinima.

  11. Jgriff7546 says:

    i haven't seen this since I made my YouTube account. why can't decker gus and monte come back

  12. Slush Puppies says:

    This is soo funny!!

  13. PAP 7 says:

    Brings back memories 2010

  14. collin mattingly says:

    Does the red guy remind anyone of spriggs

  15. James Rides says:

    wow i searched halo 3 machinima and found this i remember watching this years ago

  16. MentokTheMindTaker says:

    One of the first youtube videos I saw ahhh 07 were the good tines

  17. riley lijana says:

    i miss this i started playing halo again and i always would listen to my linkin park track

  18. Mr. Jesse says:



    My gosh been a long time watching this one of the best halo series I watched

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