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Cultured Whey

6 responses to “Cultured Whey”

  1. Tracey Weston says:

    That would be "human" breastmilk.

  2. Dr. Josh Axe says:

    @HeavenlyMinded&Healthy, check out my video and article on pasteurization.  Raw milk is ideal, but low-temperature processed milk is the next best option.

  3. Dr. Josh Axe says:

    +iAmElectroPopTart you can find cultured whey on my website:

  4. Dr. Josh Axe says:

    @Life Coach, yes.  Cultured whey is derived from fermented cow, goat, or sheep milk.

  5. Jamie Fiene says:

    Is my homemade cultured whey (made from my grassfed jersey milk kefir) with added essential oils comparable to the Beyond Organics product?  what would be the difference?

  6. graciegjj says:

    Regular whey gives me gas.. avoid it. Maybe if it's fermented like this, better? Maybe just maybe I'll try it.

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