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Craftsman 33″ mower pulling a sulky

17 responses to “Craftsman 33″ mower pulling a sulky”

  1. alb hair says:

    You should make a video putting streering brakes on that thing so i could jack ur idea lol

  2. alb hair says:

    Hey i got a sutech stealth 33….any ideas on how to put a sulky on that?……or better yet as heavy as it is theres no steering brakes….think it could be modified to add some??

  3. james 123 says:

    I would like to see more of this in action

  4. Robert Thompson says:

    that jungle wheels bracket, Are you using it? i could really use that for my jungle wheels, the one on my mower is really worn down and it makes the pin very loose. the pin barley stays in as of now.

  5. Richard Schreiber says:

    Any Port in a Storm–making something out of nothing–that's the Art of it !!

  6. Joe Blow says:

    Use lock nuts and washers…or use thread lock, the nylon lock nuts are great for vibrations.

  7. tommy manning says:

    hey what brand of sulky are you using i think i can get it to work on my TroyBilt WC33 XP do you have the part number i would like to give it a try thanks

  8. Eddie Vanhuss says:

    I have the cub version of this mower and have considered a sulky. Do you think it would hold up in the long run with belts and tranny?

  9. James Henderson says:

    how is working? how much do you weigh?

  10. Raymond Farwell says:

    How are going to steer it the brake stops both wheels from turning, I guess jump off at the end of row. Or you can force it with your arms, not easy, but great for building arm strength. Wow you did I tried that once but used a two wheel sulky and I couldn't control it maybe because of two sets of caster wheel but I weight more then you do, I tried it behind DR field and brush mower with 46" grass deck on it.

  11. Supreme Services Lawn Care says:

    wow freakin awesome…I think new engine has a bit more power also….but it's a oem

  12. grasscutter88 says:

    every commercial belt drive mower made has a reverse assist, where it doesn't actually go backwards on its own, you still have to pull it

  13. grasscutter88 says:

    Does that have an actual reverse or a reverse assist?

  14. Brent Hill says:

    I thought about getting a set of cheap roller blades or skates instead of a sulky. They have off road wheels for the roller blades now. just a thought.

  15. Ridin' Green says:

    Instead of the vice grips, just make a couple of bushings between the mount and the lynch pon hole from a piece of PVC pipe or old metal pipe so that you can install the lynch pin right at the end of it

  16. Cool58F250 says:

    Very Creative Mike, I can Honestly say I would not have come up with that…… Very Interesting how you did that….. Yes I would agree to put a Metal Plate their instead of the piece of wood, not only will it be more secure but Safer so it doesn't break off…… Great Video 🙂

  17. Mikes Lawn Care says:

    That worked a lot better than I thought. Good job mike!

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