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CNN Debunks Its Own Claim That Trump Inauguration Was Small

17 responses to “CNN Debunks Its Own Claim That Trump Inauguration Was Small”

  1. Aris Mustafa says:

    Doesn't change the fact that the media is bullshit, there's still a lot of fake news.

  2. Leonard Dixon says:

    The War against Info continues apace!!

  3. 3dgun says:

    These Feminist things just need a good dick.

  4. Christina McIntosh says:

    Fake news

  5. Jason Vylášek says:

    The chick is just sitting there shaking her head up and down um-hm – um-hm

  6. Parthenes says:

    There where less people at the Trump inauguration, because everyone who voted for him was working at the moment.

  7. Eurasian Mapping Productions says:

    The girl to the left of the screen is hot.

  8. NIGHTNINJA 2413 says:

    I saw the inauguration of trump live and it was in no way close to Obama's 2008 inauguration. trump supporters would believe him if he were to say the sky was a rainbow and he urinates mountain dew.

  9. Ron Corntt says:


  10. Paula Lima says:

    photoshop lol

  11. Internetsearcher says:

    Alex, watch this clip, see how many times you shut your cohost up by even starting to talk when she is in the middle of a sentence , please dont do that anymore

  12. Rayn Gryphon says:

    What an impeccable operator.

  13. qweqw says:

    Thanks, Alex and TEAM !

  14. Denis Daly says:

    you know it is people who have poor education, low IQ and need control in their lives that invent and believe in conspiracy theories. Trump is the King of the conspiracy theorists.
    You might want to check out research on the causes of conspiracy theories.

  15. Denis Daly says:

    Putin is laughing at how Alex is promoting his stooge.

  16. Denis Daly says:

    The GOP will impeach Trump within 2 years. They think he is a lunatic. And they are right.

  17. Denis Daly says:

    Is this the alternative facts channel?
    It will be interesting when China takes over the US.

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