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Christmas Morning Hairstyles *Quick and Easy* – KayleyMelissa

8 responses to “Christmas Morning Hairstyles *Quick and Easy* – KayleyMelissa”

  1. Abbie Green says:

    Can you do this in short hairstyle

  2. Shelbi Jackson says:

    I Dutch braid one day than can just wear a headband or clips the next day. I do usually rebraid If I feel ok

  3. Lauren Fish says:

    @kayleymelissa you should do a meg Ryan hair tutorial from sleepless in Seattle or you’ve got mail! She has some great braided looks

  4. robitai525b says:

    Hair tutorials always makes me wish my hair would grow past my shoulders :/

  5. DisneyLover .11 says:

    Can you please do Elizabeth Swann's hairstyles from the Pirates movies?????

  6. Samantha Newman says:

    Yay I always love your Christmas morning hairstyles!

  7. Julia Yanicka says:

    Can you make a video with hairstyles for dark hair? Because many hairstyles don't give a nice effect on such hair and after trying many hairstyles I still don't know what to do :p

  8. Beatriz Albuquerque Teixeira says:

    I love those "xmas morning hairstyles" TKS!

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