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Chase Goehring – Hurt (lyrics on screen)

7 responses to “Chase Goehring – Hurt (lyrics on screen)”

  1. ThunderSonic100 says:

    Who else is here from Americas got talent?

  2. Dark_Cute Angel says:

    His voice is so sweet and gentle like

  3. Monkeybutt2002 says:

    y he still single

  4. Angel Lara says:

    Who still hearing this in 2017

  5. LittleJayOne says:

    who was here just to see what the heck he said when he raps lol love the song tho

  6. Summer Cote says:

    this has happen to me before so sad but love this song sssssssssooooooooooooo much

  7. xnkdifhieska duck says:

    He was so good. I am so happy that he auditioned!

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