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Breezy’s Dinner Party!

17 responses to “Breezy’s Dinner Party!”

  1. Dolch Family says:

    5:08 top 10 anime villians

  2. Charlie Howard says:

    RAMSEY'S BACK!!!!!!

  3. Waluigi The Cheese Lord says:

    Anyone else notice that every prop they used to block the doors is a breakable prop?

  4. Officer Corn says:

    If you bring your poop to church does that mean it's holy shit

  5. Winhack 98 says:

    Somebody make an snpc for gmod. Make it based on Ramsey.

  6. NorAisah Abdul Samad says:

    Galmshirm Forest, Gorland
    Lost Party House: MacBeans House

  7. Asma & Kara says:

    I stoped watching kuledud for a long time and Ima now watching it again

  8. chickentastesbadman says:


  9. Chris Crash says:

    I laugh my ass off every time they use the Damiens Ramsey form. Fuckin hilarious

  10. COMMENT says:

    You unplugged a device from the audio jack.

  11. Zero Suit Fox says:

    Anytime ramsey appears with that chainsaw, it always somehow scares me

  12. TheFlamingWarrior says:

    does anyone know the name for this map for gmod

  13. Tom Jantzen says:

    I love it when ramsie does that raspy loud voice

  14. JustAnotherArbiter Duckman says:

    Piemations make that intro for you? It's cool.

  15. PokemonMaster123 says:

    RAMSAY WAS POSSESSED BY CHAINSAWING KILLER!!!!! LOL it so funny when Ramsay goes crazy

  16. tardis35 says:

    here in Australia what you call Clue we call Cluedo. just to let you know. I wasn't sure what you meant when you said "it's clue! who killed Mike?"

  17. Naits says:

    "ok lets not do something stupid!"
    Bree spawns a nuke

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