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Battlesloths 2025 – #4 – Extra Large Salt Pie

8 responses to “Battlesloths 2025 – #4 – Extra Large Salt Pie”

  1. junova says:

    Clicked the video, watched the first two rounds then paused to go get pizza. Come back and watch the rest of the video, look down at my half eaten pizza and realise I totally got subliminally manipulated here.

  2. The End of all things, except cake says:

    With the nuke, it is advantageous for the losing players to let it go off so the pizza slices become closer.

  3. flamecid says:

    price, you should try what i do, i pretty much get as worked up as you do but with more swearing, but after ages of losing matches or trying to do one thing and failing, i finally manage to do what i was trying to, it calms me down, winning or whatever i was trying to do becomes cathargic for me, it might help you

  4. Stormtrooper Cat says:

    Rik said he was rolled by the jawbreaker… Does that mean he was Rik Rolled?

  5. Anastas1786 says:

    Personally, I don't see the nuke as yet another stress inducer; I see it as a strategic opportunity: If you're losing, keep people away from the button and you basically get a second chance to pull ahead.

  6. Wolf 'ShiftFell Chara' Infinity says:

    If you have a playlist for this can you put it in the description please?

  7. Caleb Olson says:

    Love how the pizza has an odd number of slices, lol.

  8. demacto13 says:

    Salt. All I'm hearing and seeing is salt. Still, battlesalts is a great game. I hope they play more of this even though this will shorten Price's life span by a pinch…. of salt.

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