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Audio Adrenaline – Move (Lyric Video)

11 responses to “Audio Adrenaline – Move (Lyric Video)”

  1. Niodine 1234 says:

    Wait… I'm not the only one here from dp

  2. Blitz Veradox says:

    Sony E3 2015 Just saying I heard it there first

  3. Zachattack2806 says:

    love it my dad said it is our basketball team's song I think

  4. Deadly MafiaKiller says:

    Extreme Marksman Edition

  5. Isaac Moffitt says:

    who came here for Eminem till I collapse

  6. Alex Keighley says:

    anyone here not because of dude perfect

  7. Rasmus Nilsson says:

    Dude perfect?

  8. TheDarkWizard27 says:

    #DudePerfect My favorite channel

  9. jeff brown says:

    How are they Not famous? and…who…the heck….disliked this?….

  10. Hellfire The Ruler Of Death says:

    WHO ELSE CALLS DP!!!????!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!

  11. Everett Grieb says:

    i came here because of DP

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