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When written in Chinese the word

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  1. Ford On 5th Cigars says:

    I love this! I'm going to share this with my husband and father in law! I think 25% cigar smokers can be assholes though since we run a cigar shop lol!!! And maybe 2% pipe smokers lol!!

  2. JAK5YN says:

    How the fuck did I get here

  3. The Wizard 38 says:

    Wrong title, no ASMR.

  4. Keine Pinghits says:

    Well, I normally see that toker poker and that hempwick used with something else than tobacco 😉

  5. mike says:

    this guy is like a veteran hipster

  6. giveagoodsong says:

    You look younger than your beard makes you look

  7. Rascal77s says:

    Really depends on the pipe smoker. Every crack pipe smoker I've met has been an asshole.

  8. Craig Southern says:

    Class lighter idea!!

  9. Exchange says:

    im so thankful for these videos. you re such an intelligent and calm man i just love listening to you. your videos help me a lot when i cant find peace to relax

  10. remington stacey says:

    When I dip it makes me want to do something like fix something and do crazy shit, haven't tried pipesmoking, but when I'm around pipesmokers I feel mellow.

  11. TheEndTrend says:

    Cool video, good info. Wouldn't call it ASMR, but liked it anyhow.

  12. cody minard says:

    your voice is so wonderful and enchanting, its very relaxing. Thank you for your videos

  13. chase c says:

    I'm pretty sure it's against park rules to smoke anything in my local parks. If I could grow a beard, I totally would. I can only grow a decent mustache and goatee, but my hair is half blonde so it doesn't look as thick as it is. everyone tells me I will be able to when I'm older. well, I'm 30 and I still have peach fuzz for sideburns and the same 10 dark hairs scattered about the cheak fuzz, where a beard should be. hahah I have like the smallest patch of chest hair, I don't know if I'll ever be a hairy man. I'm ok with it though, although I'm still jealous I admit.

  14. Reckless& Relentless says:

    This guy is classy, love it.

  15. Frank Castle says:

    the beard and the pipe you became a character like Gandalf

  16. Vito Farella says:

    I don't smoke tobacco, but a lot of his reasoning and observations about pipe smoking are the same reasons I'm obsessed with fine Chinese teas.

  17. Yvonne Shay says:

    You make me want to sit on a bench with you and talk about life.

  18. lleeb nerget says:

    dude do u live in stl

  19. Ryan Brophy says:

    I'm new to pipes, what tobacco would you suggest?

  20. Daniel Sinyatkin says:

    if i could be stuck on an island with a guy (no homo) it'd be this guy

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