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[ASMR] Athletic Trainer Roleplay (Knee Taping) – Tape Sounds I Personal Attention

14 responses to “[ASMR] Athletic Trainer Roleplay (Knee Taping) – Tape Sounds I Personal Attention”

  1. John Achor says:

    Those eyelashes

  2. Marco Martínez says:

    I came to relax and I went out in love.

  3. NICKXH says:

    My favourite ASMR person ever! 😀

  4. Alex132 Marqz says:


  5. I need polish wife says:

    mouth taping roleplay

  6. DestroyerOfWorlds says:

    This was really well done. When you asked if the person had ever hurt their knee, I'm like "well, I tore my ACL and MCL during football. So it's more apt to say it exploded"

  7. Rapsodyer says:

    I love your roleplays Randy you're the best!

  8. TheWhisperTexan says:

    Great idea for a video 🙂

  9. scrooge1913 says:

    I run Division II track and field. My knee actually did start acting up today, so this is very timely.

  10. Suppressed ASMR says:

    I hate having to get tape around my knee because it gets scrunched up when I need to bend it, anyways forget the whole knee thing this was a great video and I really enjoyed the tape sounds lol.

  11. Andrew Goodwin says:

    Does the sound of the scribbling on paper remind anyone else of Stan by Eminem

  12. Tiffany says:

    Very creative! Also super jealous of your eyelashes lol

  13. Patrick Meyer says:

    Love your soft spoken videos. Super relaxing voice!

  14. PCmaster juegos y diversion says:

    Cuanto mides???
    Te ves super pequeñita

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