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Angry Black Guy Calls The Irate Black Man

17 responses to “Angry Black Guy Calls The Irate Black Man”

  1. The Night King says:

    You better be STRAPPED

  2. Immortal Technique says:

    Notice how when ibm is intimidated, he laughs before going off. Just like the call when they used his voice as the soundboard, he laughed before engaging.

  3. Alan Hansen says:

    1:311:36 sounds so real lol

  4. Smitty's Sports and Politics says:

    The 2 legends

  5. Immutable says:

    "Better speak the fuck up, who is it!?"

  6. JasonBourne Gaming says:

    You cant make this up !

  7. Bill Lee says:

    Irate Blackman probably never had to smoke anybody.. Im sure he scared everyone shitless with his ghetto vocabulary and tone..

  8. faber bosc says:

    The end is epic….

  9. Madjunior58 says:

    This is the greatest prank call all time

  10. supravista says:

    The first line is drawn right… the fuck… here —-> 0:48

  11. Finn McCool says:

    This is the message on my answering machine: 1:31

  12. Sir Butters says:

    Whats this dudes phone number?

  13. Bill Lee says:

    irate black mans blood pressure must have been about 200 over 150 near the end

  14. Martin Atherton says:

    the black dude is a actor whats his name anyone know

  15. Jonathan Longden says:


  16. TheGodmonsterOfIndianFlats says:

    IBM vs ABG = Clash of titans.

  17. Christheviking says:

    You got some artillery?!

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