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Access Granted – Rob’s ONLY Hope…

14 responses to “Access Granted – Rob’s ONLY Hope…”

  1. Alvin Hartley says:

    I invaded a couple of times in DS2 one time I killed another player and then later the same player summoned me to help him through a bit so karmically speaking I broke even I think.

  2. Daniel Straw says:

    Squad goals: to finally platinum Persona 5 before South Part: TFBW comes out and takes over my life. Still on my first play through … this could take a while

  3. George Rawlinson says:

    Get Dan involved with the Tuesday Checklist!

  4. Rémi Savard says:

    I'm at work, watching grown men playing video games to determine who will wear an orange, adult-size onesie. Life isn't that bad. Squad goal: get to a raid-worthy power level in Destiny 2 so I'm not the shame of my clan. Also FINALLY get to experience Pillars of Destiny before the second installment is shoved down my virtual throat.

  5. Samuel Moore says:

    Dan looks so sad 🙁

  6. Daniel Phillips says:

    Unrealistic scoreline.

  7. DanFarrell98 says:

    Anyone here, been playing Hue that’s free with PS Plus, I’m actually really enjoying it and I hope it’s an easy Platinum- I just need to get the collectibles and finish the game

  8. hankhankin says:

    im a dark souls noob but i like the invasions most of the time. ive lost some honourable fights to invaders that offer pre-fight bowing to each other, time to apply buffs and no healing purely may the best man win. then theres the other times…lol

  9. Tom Vickers says:

    Gaming confession : Both me and my girlfriend have ps4 and have our accounts on both consoles so we can play when we are at the other persons house. We both play overwatch religiously and both do well in comp. How ever she was doing a little to well in comp and pulling ahed of me so I decided to go on my system and log her out mid comp match. To this day she doesn't know it was me ( I'm a terrible human)

  10. Grayson Metzbower says:

    I always knew there would be a video about rob titled this

  11. ScattySafari says:

    HobGoblin Scareson should be Rob's Halloween handle.

  12. Mumongu Gaming says:

    Is DAN CAM classed as stalking in the workplace ….Hmmm

  13. Jason Hubbard says:

    My advice to the guy who's one fishing trophy away from Final Fantasy 15's platinum is to put on a distraction while fishing. I like to put on Youtube videos while doing a mundane task like level-grinding, which isn't as silly as it sounds since I can glace at the video every once in a while and still enjoy it. He could also try putting on music.

  14. TheAndredal says:

    Rob lost, i can already look at his facial expression in the beginning

    Edit: i was right

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