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Abrupt Daesung

9 responses to “Abrupt Daesung”

  1. Camry Rusqoli says:

    I'm beginning to fall in love with this three incredible human being. hyori dlite and jae suk

  2. willy yap says:

    Hyori shi bugushipda

  3. afifi mdnoor says:

    what episode

  4. Marissa-sue Rattansingh says:

    Aye, Daesung is soooo special! That boy is so precious that i can't even lol. Jae Suk n Daesung r two peas in a pod! <3 <3

  5. Miya Ka says:

    everytime daesung was in trouble,,,YJS is always there 🙂 😀

  6. ikah ahmad says:

    See kim jong kook reaction when daesung said,"we can get married?" Omooo but hyori getting married now 🙁 love kookri

  7. Amy Bruce says:

    He is so cute. He can propose to me anytime.

  8. Be Oktavia says:

    i love daesung's smle :3

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