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A quarrelsome Wife Kansiime Anne – African Comedy

12 responses to “A quarrelsome Wife Kansiime Anne – African Comedy”

  1. Nenneh Komara says:

    the kitchen is my office! I'm dead!

  2. Geraldine Suelto says:


  3. kareji brilliant says:

    mayoooo! wonderful

  4. vilifu says:

    hahaha i just love how Kansiime crushes Gerald's argument that people are listening to their quarrel… "Should stones listen to us???" "People have ears!"
    Thanks for your creativity. God bless you all!

  5. Jenese Messam says:

    lol. she is so funny

  6. Eric Ndlovu says:


  7. TauRusgirL xoxo says:

    when you come back later lets start new page. hahahahaha!! this crack me up!!!

  8. s lynn says:

    you tiptoed out like a ghost #dead my ribs are hurting! Love this!

  9. Lehlohonolo Mangena says:

    LOL; the kitchen is her office…

  10. tibiwa rose says:

    Kitchen is my office , ahahahahahahaha

  11. Eva Eyon says:

    You tiptoed like a ghost..hahahahahahaha
    #kansiime you are the best!!!!

  12. Wamala Adrine says:

    Oh mi God

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