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9 Incredible Science Facts You Probably Didn’t Learn At School

16 responses to “9 Incredible Science Facts You Probably Didn’t Learn At School”

  1. Vikash Kumar says:


  2. Sherilyn Lopes says:

    THIS MADE ME LEARN SOOO MUCH,but I ain't 5 friends away from the queen 😉

  3. kittymitty 3349 says:


  4. Be Free says:

    This is disinformation, the world is
    100% proven flat

  5. Awesome Gerbil says:

    True I know someone who met Obama

  6. Frankie Roppolo says:

    Know friday the 13th

  7. Jazlene Rodriguez says:

    The sky never stops like if u agree

  8. Jazlene Rodriguez says:

    Who the heck is James Cameron

  9. DRaGão Azul says:

    What a cool channel! Subbed! 🙂

  10. RaiderBROS BlockmanMinecraft says:

    Im 9 and… i'm so worried that the nova explosion will happen in 2022 what if i did suicide? Lol jk

  11. Princess Aimi says:

    This is all fake

  12. uttam Parajuli says:

    no its very incredible

  13. Brandon B says:

    did anyone notice the blipe was clos to be on fire

  14. Rick Sanchez says:

    Yeeeaaaahhh but have ever knew that if you come in a shnoopidoops cave you don't come out, coz your dead

  15. Darrius Hart Jr says:

    How would you know

  16. Darrius Hart Jr says:

    So dum

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