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6 Minutes on the True Purpose of University Education

16 responses to “6 Minutes on the True Purpose of University Education”

  1. FiveStarPiano says:

    I have watched this half a dozen times, and it brought tears to my eyes every time. This guy is an absolute gem.

  2. COMB0RICO says:


  3. 0x02 says:

    It's because we need money to survive. The degree is worth more for survival than the knowledge in some form. Democracy rules American society IMO. Amazing deep debate loved it

  4. Hitsuga Aorusaki says:

    "Transcend your ignorance and victimhood.
    Brilliant suggestion!

  5. Olin's Reflection says:

    "Complete freedom" by virtue of being a university student? In some senses, sure – in others, not so much. Of course when someone speaks at schools like Harvard, it makes sense to tell them everything that they're doing is somehow noble, free, virtuous, spectacular.. In reality there are cons to every 'benefit'.

    The secondary school system morphs the mind into a rigid, subjective system of processing, rather than one that naturally thinks in terms of abstractions and potentials that aren't limited by the confines of a university students increasingly subjective outlook.

    "Memorize these 'facts', think this way, believe that this is right".. the school system acts as a systematic constraint on the potential development of the mind outside of the 'politically correct' context of schools. I would argue that only a few university degrees offer a context that actually allows us to make use of the mind in abstract ways, rather than limiting it through memorized and regurgitated "facts". You naturally see the benefits and some minor cons of secondary edu because of your immersion inside of that area, rather than seeing the macroscopic cons of modern education in terms of society, perception, belief etc.

  6. ITouchedTheKore says:

    "Everything I don't like is Postmodernism"

    – Jordan Peterson

  7. J A says:

    I enjoyed this. I still have my great books on my shelves which I look at from time to time. One of the great things for me doing a humanities degree was accessing primary sources from the library.

  8. DonutCare says:

    My favorite Peterson video. I am glad you took this excerpt out of the long video because I was trying in vain to point people in that video to this exact except! A must watch for all parents of students, uni students and high school students.

  9. Giltr0y says:

    Hey!!! I've just achieved my first CHICKEN DINNER in PLAYERUKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS! Nothing was harder and more rewarding in my life! That includes 4 years in military service, and 4 years in the university. ;))))
    gamer for (short) life!

  10. Garcia'sSun says:

    One of the best speeches I think I have ever heard Jordan orate; he just couldn't be more correct

  11. anaokar says:

    Wow, finally. Someone of like mind. I was beginning to think there weren't any of you guys left.

  12. Nicholas Wilkinson says:

    Bottom of the victim pile LMAO this Doc is always cracking me up

  13. Hanniffy Dinn says:

    The illuminati made it this way, they don't want smart masses. Wake the fuck up.

  14. Szymon Sabat says:

    Yelling like a madman, saying that you can do everything you want as long as he likes what you choose to do… lunatic.

  15. Great White North says:

    In my humble opinion University should be seen only as job training. If you're going there to 'open your mind' you're a spoiled little shit. Look at it as job training, as basically trade school for a white collar job.

  16. Morgow says:

    The only thing that bothers me about Jordan Peterson is his lack of character when using the word 'man' too much. I also think he lacks concrete examples to his presentations. Jordan usually refers to movies rather than people. Other than these things I think he brings forward interesting thoughts.

    I am personally more interested in the integrity and veracity rather than the theories and material being presented to me.

    I say – that what schools lack mostly is the representation of sources. Using your profile as a teacher or professor with arguments to claim integrity or veracity of sources is not convincing to me. Without sources and research presentation, everything is just theories.

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