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6 Date Night Dinners

14 responses to “6 Date Night Dinners”

  1. Lori Gilmore says:

    What do you think they do with all the food they make? Feast.

  2. Cheap 'n Chic says:

    Thank God for YT, from us who cant cook. lol

  3. Asmita Aryal says:

    we dont eat beef in nepal, cow is like mother in our culture

  4. Sakii Betanzo says:

    laik si sete antojo todo

  5. Duc Truong says:

    Am I the the one that watch these video but don't make them and get Hungary like a BEAST when I see the finish food?
    I know I'm weird

  6. TITAS DE says:

    it seems tasty is twin brother of 5minutes crafts bc both of them upload old videos

  7. Vaishnavi Srinivasan says:

    These guys love cheese and butter

  8. Emerald Prince says:

    As much as I like salt, just imagine how many people took a dump and peed on the sea before theyre turned into salt

  9. jespersschmidt says:

    So much heavy cream, butter and cheese. So American.

  10. PersianGaming says:

    you guys make cooking look so fun

  11. miss strange says:

    I'm sure if a man gonna cook this , then he might spoil the food and the date too !

  12. Katarina Lazarova says:

    Does anyone else cringe every time they put spinach in first and cook it for about 20 years..? Nvm

  13. Lindsay Miskin says:

    Is anyone else sick of the elevator music and the "ohh yessss" at the end of every video?!

  14. Gaming Nerdz says:

    That steak recipe was in a different video, was it not? Why are they reuploading recipes lol

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