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39 Cents – SNL

17 responses to “39 Cents – SNL”

  1. Penguin Community says:

    What’s truly amazing how people will spends $100 or more on Starbucks every month but balk on donating $5 a month to the public radio station they constantly listen to…

  2. CHRIS PHARES says:

    ask for more,,lmao

  3. Jailah Wilson says:

    Fr, that's how those commercials are.

  4. Drew Bowman says:

    Funny how even blacks in other countries are ungrateful for their charity and are complaining for more. Send em all back onto the slave ships

  5. ghost boy says:

    Ask for more money that part I couldn't stop laughing

  6. JC_mcsR53 says:

    Can someone give me the link to the microphone they used? I've always dreamed of a Mic with unlimited range

  7. Luis CQ says:

    Leslie Jones is easily the worse live comedian in SNL but I liked her in here.

  8. osakue marquine says:


  9. Youlando Walters says:

    It don't tho

  10. onesphor Kibe says:

    39 cent's

  11. chuba raven says:

    Nailed it.. Haha

  12. Libby Rosenthal says:

    Africa is a continent.

  13. Michael Hess says:

    sound like American niggas

  14. Maggie Monroe says:

    Just not funny in the most shitty of ways

  15. Maggie Monroe says:

    Wtf, so disrespectful. This is bullshit

  16. Tsetsi * Medical Leech Therapy * Enema * Цеци Ceci says:

    .39 cents a day

  17. Krogan Popy says:

    That guy is so albino.

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