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[238] Tank Busters (Let’s Play ShellShock Live w/ GaLm and Friends)

11 responses to “[238] Tank Busters (Let’s Play ShellShock Live w/ GaLm and Friends)”

  1. Nicolas Knauer says:

    God the enemy team is so funny :'D

  2. GodofsomeWorld says:

    ze and aphex are bad at communicating and or understand what people are doing

  3. yahel n says:

    14:38 Bless you

  4. Louise Eirwen says:

    lmfao at that ending "unleash the chilled" hehehe

  5. thegreatcalvinio says:

    8:44 Bearded viking Canadian serial killer strikes again, murders three using shockwave in a M1 Abrams.

  6. Skyhorse Tamer says:

    Do the campaigns and unlock the easy weapons. It doesn't take long.

  7. Ernani Baréa says:

    what is his desktop image? is sick

  8. Redeyeforadeadguy says:

    That A10 seemed like a bf4 reference

  9. PhoenixResolve says:

    "THE CHILLED" was an amazing shot.

  10. CAW says:

    Clear shot on enemy + Cactus + Volcano out of nowhere with no communication = :/

  11. A R says:

    Bless you Galm, around 14:50 I think

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